You can donate in any of the three programs which will directly help support in the learning process of our special needs and disadvantages students.


At Abilities Empowered we offer tutoring for students who have specific needs. Through our iCARE Approach, we identify the students’ cognitive areas that need


At Abilities Empowered, we believe that every child has the ability to learn and to achieve. We empower them through our Specialised and Personalised Tutoring and Teaching so that they

Free Study Seminar Every Sunday

Starting 02 Apr 2017, Abilities Empowered will launch a string of seminars catered to students with different learning abilities to aid them in conquering the HSC 2017 Examinations. Every week, different topics in the HSC English and STEM will be discussed.

If you are interested to join these seminars, register below.

Eventbrite - How To Maximise Your ATAR: A Free Study Seminar

Together we could change everything…

Through our educational, skill development, training and employment support services and programs we strive to make a difference in the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children and youth who come to us.

Yes, WE CAN, We HAVE and We ARE Changing LIVES.

Our Support programs and services HAVE successfully CHANGED the WAY these Young people

  • PERCEIVE themselves and the world around them
  • Persevere to ACHIEVE their goals
  • Are MOTIVATED to explore and reach their full POTENTIAL
  • VALUE themselves and everything around them
  • Have MADE their Lives More Meaningful

Let us Give them the JOY of ACHIEVEMENT And Self-Actualisation

Let each of US BE the CHANGE – let us REACH OUT and Help in our own small way .

How Can You Help?

WE NEED Your Help to run our Programs and Services.


My Journey

No doubt life is full of challenges but it is the manner in which we face and overcome these challenges that makes us what and who we are.


Our Team

Prof K. Sen
Founder/Executive Director

“We see the ability in your disability” (02) 8882 9327

Abhi S Gupta

“The greatest joy and happiness for me is to see our students realising their dreams.” (02) 8882 9327

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After the Huge Opening of Abilities Empowered in 2015, we are now taking enrolments for 2015/2016. Seats are limited, contact us for Further Details. Here